Yoga Nidra

This is Yogic Sleep. Through this technique, one attains the benefits of sleep without actually falling asleep.


These are the physical postures in Yoga.

Fresh Apples Of Hight

Here we focus on the 7 chakras running through the Sushumna Nadi, their characteristics and functions.

Om Meditation

Meditating on the positive energies of the first sound that evolved in this universe, thereby building positivity within us and in our surroundings.


These are the purificatory techniques in Yoga, mainly cleansing of the nostrils, sinuses, eyes, digestive system and the excretory system through very simple means.

Breath Meditation

Simple procedures of focussing entirely on our breath without interfering with it.


Various techniques to focus on our body and breathing and thereby realizing the lightness and freshness in our body and mind.